Chef Meghna

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Banker Turned Baker. Host, Anchor & Original Content Maker of YouTube Food Show - Meghna's Food Magic. TEDx Speaker. Fitness. Traveller. 馃拫

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Let the cake pop up on your plate.. The cake Pops are easiest to make & are a darling to all the...See more

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#meghnapedia I get asked about connection of whole-grain pasta for weight loss all the time....See more
Ya u r right. Whole grain pasta is too good For more healthy fast food . It's a great idea to balancing our health And get fibre &protein
...See more

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Work hard at Relaxing 馃槑馃拫馃拫 Love M #ChefMeghna #MeghnaSays #simpletips #meghnasmagictips #relax...See more
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Pic are too good But background music is not good

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#hahatv time to leave him and chase the real Ravanas #MeToo #ChefMeghna
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Mee too meghna