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The Blogger Academy presented by Roposo powered by Rock n Shop is an online school for aspiring bloggers, a course that provides video tutorials, exhibition classes and text resources that can be used to create high value and engaging content for a fashion blog.

Roposo Blogger Academy, prepares promising bloggers to create high-value content, increase audience reach, collaborate with brands and generate income as a social media influencer. All candidates get an opportunity to learn from India's top 5 fashion and lifestyle influencers, who have been the pioneers of this ecosystem.

This course is designed to help bloggers mould their passion into a career. The primary aim is to give accurate guidance to upcoming bloggers, assist them to hone their skills and emerge as an established community figure with a niche audience.

Benefits Of Becoming A Part Of The Blogger Academy:
  • Learn from India's biggest bloggers
  • Become a social media star
  • Get a chance to win a brand collaboration with Rock N Shop
  • Get certified after completing all assignments
  • Best part? It's free
About the Brand Collaboration:
  • 5 candidates with the best assignments will win a brand collaboration with Rock N Shop.
  • Next top 5 candidates win exciting Roposo goodies
  • The results will be announced by 30th June 2017


Module 1: Introduction To Blogging

This module covers the basics of becoming a social media entrepreneur. From building an impressive profile to starting a fabulous blog, Sukhneet Wadhwa updates you with Blogging Basics 101.

Module 2: Developing Your Brand Image

Aanam Chashmawala talks about the various ways in which you can show your distinct personality to your audience. She goes on to explain how to build your portfolio and set up revenue channels.

Module 3: Developing High Quality Content

This module helps in defining what makes content "good". Shereen Lovebug talks about developing a unique style of writing, image and photography tips and tricks, and ways of content creation.

Module 4: Increasing Your Reach

This module answers the most frequently asked question, “How to increase the audience reach?”. From increasing blog views and identifying your niche to building a reputation, Juhi Godambe will spill all the beans.

Module 5: Blogging for Business

Understand the economics of social media market and learn how to build a digital empire of your own. Gia Kashyap talks about revenue models, affiliate partnerships and other successful methods of monetizing your content.

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The first step is to know your interests and to choose your field accordingly. Get a domain name on any blogging platform and begin your blogging journey. Don't forget to be creative and find your own unique voice.
Everyone wants their venture to be profitable. Earning money from your blog is possible through good and original content; but this requires a lot of patience. Some of the ways in which you can earn from your blog are google ads, brand collaborations , sponsored posts, events, etc.
You can now turn your hobby into your business. Collaborate with different brands, endorse products, and go for events to earn money for your brand. Networking is key; it’s all about being at the right place at the right time.
If you are keen on becoming a fashion blogger and want your brand to become a business, learn everything about blogging through the free online certificate course on Roposo Blogger Academy, India's first blogger academy at the ease of one click.
While blogging is the most fun when you’re writing about something you love , the following are the some of the most revenue generating fields:
  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Money and Finance
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Technology and Gadgets.