A ‘button’ is a call-to-action that you can add on your post. People who want to purchase your product can just click on the ‘button’ to initiate the process of buying. You can choose from a variety of buttons on Roposo such as Chat to buy and Shop Now.
When a buyer clicks on the ‘Chat to Buy’ button, then you as a seller will receive a price request in your chat. Here you can chat with the buyer and sell your products to them. When a buyer clicks on the ‘Shop Now’ button on your post, then the buyer will be redirected to the link (url) that you have provided while posting.
By validity of a plan we mean that you need to use the buttons in your plan within the given time period. The buttons that you have not been able to use during this period will get exhausted on the expiry of your plan. In case you purchase any of our unlimited plan then you can upload unlimited number of ‘Chat to Buy’ or ‘Shop Now’ posts till your plan period gets over.
The product posts with buttons will remain on Roposo, until you choose to delete the posts from your shop. The validity is only for the application of button.
No. The buttons, once added on a post, continue to stay until you remove them or delete the post.
Other than the organic reach of the seller through his/her follower network, registered sellers get the opportunity to feature in The Bazaar channels, thereby increasing their reach. Beyond this, the fashion team at Roposo curates various trend channels where your posts might be featured.
No, Roposo as a platform only connects sellers with buyers. It is seller’s responsibility to get payment and deliver product(s) to the buyer.
You can add buttons to your post while posting your product. Once you select the product photo to be posted, click on the next button on the top right corner. You will reach the edit post screen. Now again click on the next button on the top right corner and you will arrive at the settings screen. On this screen click on the “select a button for your post”. Here you can choose the button relevant for you and fill in all the required details and save.
In one post, you can upload one main product with the button on it. However, in the same post you can add multiple pictures of the same product as sub-posts. You can do this to show the product to your buyers from different angles.
No, Roposo does not manage and update the inventory of the sellers. However, you can mark a product out of stock from your shop.
Once a button is used on a post, it is exhausted and cannot be used again on a new product post.