Roposo Platform Content Policy

We are committed to maintaining a safe online environment for all our users, while preserving our goodwill and reputation. Sound dialogue with our users is a mark of trust and corporate responsibility. We recognize how important it is for the Roposo Platform to be a place where people feel empowered to communicate, and we take our role very seriously in keeping the Roposo platform free of abuse and objectionable content. As such, the Company acknowledges the need for comprehensive Content Policy.

“Company, Us, Our or We” as used herein means Glance InMobi Pte. Ltd., Glance Digital Experience Private Limited and/or any of its associates, affiliates and subsidiaries

“Roposo Platform” as used herein means and refers to Company’s proprietary social entertainment platform (application/ site/feature or as made available in any other format) called ‘Roposo’, which enables end-users to explore, discover, watch, upload and share videos and other content including user generated content covering interesting stories, homemade videos, news, events, etc. the platform also enables company’s partners to display advertisements, promotional offers and is a distribution platform for content creators.

Company takes any Content Policy violations very seriously and all users must comply with the terms that he/ she agrees to such as Terms and Conditions and Content Policy. In the event of any non-compliance, Company has the right to, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies under law, take the following steps including: warn the user, take down any such content, suspend/ terminate the account of such user(s) (from our Roposo Platform as relevant).

The consequences for violating our Content Policy may vary depending on the severity of the violation and the person's history on the Roposo Platform. We may also involve law enforcement agencies if we believe there is a genuine risk of harm or a direct threat to public safety.

Our Content Policy is a guide for what is and isn’t permitted on Roposo Platform. We ask all our users to abide by this policy. We urge you to please be sure that you have the right to post the content on Roposo Platform and respect other people’s copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights. You will be responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permissions for any proprietary materials that you elect to post/publish on the Roposo Platform; please ensure that you do so.


Categories of content that are not permitted on Roposo Platform are as follows (this is not an exhaustive list and the users must exercise their reasonable and sound judgment in all cases and the Company reserves the right to communicate additional guidelines in writing to the users, which shall form part of this Content Policy):

  1. Copyright Infringement
  2. It is Company’s policy, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, to disable/suspend and/or terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others, as further detailed below. Additionally, we may take down specific content on our platform to comply with applicable laws.

  3. Violent, graphic and obscene content
  4. Company does not permit any violent, criminal, dangerous and obscene content directed towards any individual, gender or community at large. This includes without limitation:

    • Content that features prolonged name calling or malicious insults
    • Content uploaded with the intent to shame, deceive or insult anyone
    • Content that may pose an imminent risk of physical injury to oneself or other humans or animals
    • Pranks that lead victims to fear imminent serious physical danger, or that create serious emotional distress
    • Showing viewers how to perform activities meant to kill or harm humans or animals
    • Content that depicts abuse of or giving instructions on how to create drugs such as cocaine or opioids
    • Promoting or glorifying violence against humans (including minors), animals or violent tragedies, such as mob-lynching
    • Showing viewers how to steal money or tangible goods
    • Demonstrating how to use computers or information technology with the intent to steal credentials, compromise personal data or cause serious harm to others
    • Content promoting/ produced by violent criminal or terrorist organizations
    • Footage, audio, or imagery involving road accidents, natural disasters, war aftermath, terrorist attack aftermath, street fights, physical attacks, sexual assaults, immolation, torture, corpses, protests or riots, robberies, medical procedures, or other such scenarios with the intent to shock or disgust viewers
    • Content where there is infliction of unnecessary suffering or harm deliberately causing an animal distress.
    • Content where animals are encouraged or coerced to fight by humans
    • Content depicting nudity, sex, contraceptives, paedophilia, obscene/ vulgar language or clothing
    • Content that harms minor in anyway or is grossly harmful or blasphemous;
    • Content which is overtly political/ religious
    • Illegal activities like hacking / anti-national activities etc.
  5. Regulated Goods
  6. Refrain from posting content related to:

    • Promoting or selling alcohol, tobacco, currency, organs, endangered species or parts of endangered species, pharmaceuticals without a prescription, sex or escort services, unlicensed medical services, human smuggling, historical artifacts.
    • Promoting or selling firearms, ammunitions, explosives, magazines etc.
    • Promoting any illegal activities, gambling, vices and/or goods.
  7. Religion
    • Company does not promote any religion, sect, or cult
    • Company does not target any religion, sect or cult
    • Company does not permit content that use religious slurs.
  8. Foods
  9. Company does not permit content related to:

    • foods and delicacies that use endangered animals
    • shaming of any community’s food based on smell, texture or other properties.
  10. Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty
  11. Company does not permit content that involves:

    • paparazzi stories which are obtained in an unethical manner
    • sexualizing minors
    • shaming of any types of bodies, hair type, skin color, gender or disability.
  12. Health
  13. Refrain from posting content that:

    • spread misinformation about treating a disease or illness
    • endorses any medication or offer telehealth prescriptions.
  14. Language
  15. Refrain from posting content that:

    • misgender individuals
    • use misogynistic, racist, religious or ethnic slurs
    • use obscene language.
  16. Political content
    • Roposo Platform is a politically neutral platform. While the platform itself is neutral, we do invite views from all sides, as should any thriving platform. To this end, Company welcomes political POVs from all sections of the opinion spectrum, regardless of whether it is left or right of center.
    • However, political content on Roposo Platform needs to be 100% factual. While extreme opinions are invited, they need to be presented in a compelling manner, while being very respectful of the audience, as well as to people who subscribe to different political ideologies.
    • Political content that is not based on facts is potentially libelous and will not be entertained on Company. Users who create such content will be barred from the platform. Publishers/aggregators whose creators indulge in such content may also be debarred from the Roposo Platform.
  17. Spam, Fraud and Deception
  18. Company does not permit to post content which may:

    • Deceive/ mislead/ manipulate its viewers
    • Incentivize spam
    • Feature scams: offering cash gifts, make quick money schemes
    • Intended to look like someone else/ some other channel is posting the content or otherwise impersonating any person or entity
    • Spreading of misinformation through fake/ hoax news.
  19. Hate Speech, Bullying and Harassment
    • Content that disparages or is otherwise hateful, or racially, ethnically objectionable or dehumanizes a private or group of individuals on the basis of religion, race, national origin and sexual orientation.
    • Content containing statements that degrades a private or group of individuals by using targeted curse/slur words or sexualised terms
    • Mocking people based on their occupation and/or social economic condition.
    • Usage of racial slurs,
    • Comparing people with animals or any serious disease, etc.
    • Praise, celebration and mocking of private individuals’ death.
    • Negative physical description of private individual.
    • Describing body parts in an explicit, obscene or otherwise hurtful manner.
  20. Privacy Violation:
    • Content that contains/shares personal or private data of any individual such as phone numbers, personal IDs, images of money transactions which includes bank account numbers, digital money transfer numbers of a private individual, etc.

If you see and identify copyright infringement, something objectionable, offensive, or adversely affects you or your community, you can report it to us at with the relevant details of your complaint/ concern.

Please keep in mind that mere reporting to the Company doesn't guarantee that certain content will be removed from the Roposo Platform, however, we are committed to creating a safe environment and will consider all your genuine grievances/ complaints.


It is Company’s policy to take down content and terminate the account of users who have committed multiple Qualifying Infringements, in appropriate circumstances on the Roposo Platform. A “Qualifying Infringement” is defined as (1) receipt of a valid infringement notice/claim that results in the removal of the user’s material/content or reference to or link to such material/content from the Roposo Platform or (2) removal of a user’s material/content or reference to or link to such material/content from the Roposo Platform, in the absence of a third party infringement claim, because we obtain actual knowledge that the material/content is infringing or we become aware of facts or circumstances from which the infringing nature of the material/content is apparent. We note that the existence of the first kind of Qualifying Infringement (i.e., our receipt of a valid infringement notice that results in the removal or disabling of access to the disputed material) does not mean that Roposo has determined that the allegation of copyright infringement is accurate or well-founded, merely that a formal infringement complaint notification asserted a copyright infringement by the user.

It is our policy to provide the user with adequate notice and education prior to terminating the user’s account to give the user the opportunity to modify his or her behaviour. Accordingly, if we receive a notice either covering single infringement or multiple items of material or references or links posted by the same user, or if we receive one or more notices from the same copyright owner consecutively within a short span of time from the first warning notice sent to the same user, we will generally treat those notices as a single Qualifying Infringement.

If the incident is the first or second Qualifying Infringement, we will send a warning notice either in form of push notifications or In-App messaging in the following format to the account from which the material or reference or link was posted – “Copyright infringement Warning: Your videos/content may contain copyrighted content. We have received copyright infringement complaints against your content. Upon reaching 3 strikes, your account will be suspended.”

If the incident is the third Qualifying Infringement, we will generally terminate the user’s account, thereby preventing the user from posting any material or reference or link, messages, or other participation in activities on the Services in future that require a user account. We will notify the user by way of a ticker message on his/her account explaining next steps and why the user’s account has been terminated – “Due to repeated or severe violations of Roposo TNC (, your account is suspended. If you would like to appeal, you may write to us at .”

If the Company determines that it is appropriate to prevent copyright infringement on Roposo Platform to prevent an inappropriate or unjust outcome or as required under applicable laws, the Company may (a) terminate user accounts even without two prior warnings; or (b) treat the removal of, or disablement of access to, material or references or links, as Qualifying Infringements in circumstances other than those described.

In the event user appeals such account suspension within reasonable time and is able to justify ain his/her actions successfully and the Company may determine that the user would modify his or her infringing behaviour, the user account maybe restored, after removal of all infringing content, at Company’s sole discretion.

We are not obliged, and it is not our policy, to investigate before terminating a user repeatedly charged with infringement, but inasmuch as information of the above or other nature comes to Company’s attention, Company may take that into account in determining whether suspension or termination is appropriate.