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my jacket from #shein #sheinofficial use my code MISRAQ2 to get flat 200 off on your shein...See more

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Good news guys...!!! Finally @shein_in is hosting a Pop-up Shop in Mumbai! Open from 1st - 2nd of...See more

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Take Risks Until you Stumble across what you’ve been seeking ...♥️♥️♥️ : Outfit - @sheinofficial...See more

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I’m not here to adopt to the energy in the room , I’m here to Influence and Set the tone for the...See more

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We all are pieces of someone else’s Puzzle 🧩... Be Kind ✌️✌️♥️ : Outfit - @sheinofficial To buy...See more

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To believe is to rise , is to breathe, is to dream .. again and again and again...See more

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There’s a always Light ...surround yourself with people who make you feel a little Lighter...See more

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Don’t wait for those who aren’t even looking for you .. look for yourself first ,the people you...See more

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@shein_in is hosting their first ever Pop-Up Shop in Delhi! Open from 20th-21st of April! Get...See more