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7 Tips To Never Being Afraid Of High Heels Again Don't resign yourself to a life without ever wearing heels. Don't give up. There is still a possibility because I just tend to know ways to walk in heels easily. Now come on girls, be more comfortable in your Cinderella shoes and you might attract your prince. #bloggers #shoes #stylingtips #fashion #fashionlovers
1) Make sure your heels actually fit: At times, we tend to wear shoes we love but they don't fit. That becomes a problem. If they are too big, then your foot is going to slide around in the shoe, making it more difficult to walk in. If the shoes are too small, you are going to struggle with walking because of the pain you will have. It's always best to choose a heel that fits you perfectly.
2) Start with a small heel and work your way up: You don't want to start with 4-inch spikes. You are not giving yourself a chance if you go that route. Start with smaller heels and work your way up.
3) Wear them at home before you step outside: It's a good idea to wear your heels at home before you venture out in public. There's couple of reasons for this. Mainly, it gives you the ability to practice in the environment that you feel the most.
4) Check your posture and realign it as necessary: Heels are easier to wear if you have good posture. If you are always slumping then you will throw off your natural centre of balance. The best way to check your posture is to glance in a mirror as you pass it.
5) Realise you need to take more steps when you are wearing heels: Walking in heels is different than walking in sneakers, flats or any other type of shoe. Your stride is shorter when you wearing heels. This means you need to take more steps to cover the same distance than you would on another type of shoe.
6) Don't be in a rush to get somewhere: You don't want to rush yourself when you are wearing heels. You are more likely to fall when you are in a hurry. You are also likely to make mistakes such as wobbling when you are rushing. So go easy with the heels.
7) Don't overthink the concept of wearing heels: It's possible that you're overthinking the concept of wearing heels. Yes, it takes some thought and practice but you can master them. They are just shoes. Don't let them intimidate you.