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Anupama Dayal Hi guys! I know I have been lost! I was really reallyyyy busy with AIFW! For all those who don't know what AIFW is, it is Amazon India Fashion Week! All these pictures are from one of my days spent there! I am wearing this gorgeous saree by Anupama Dayal and I just can't stop myself from admiring how different and stunning this saree is! I didn't wanna style it the normal way and so I just added a little twist by wrapping its palla around my neck. To accessories my look, I wore blue tassel earrings which I am not very sure are very clearly visible in the pictures as they are camouflaging with the saree. In addition to that I am holding a really delicate clutch from Duet Luxury! A little bling can never harm, so in order to add that bling I wore these blue shimmer heels! I am so convinced with this look! What do you lovelies think? Let me know ❤️