Dear Men, You might have been told just the wrong things, you might have been taught to be stronger, you might have had a lot to bear yet not shed a single tear. You must have been a victim of several male bashing feminists, calling you dominating chauvinists. And you must have been suffering silently as the one harassed, assaulted. Yet, with no sympathy or help. The stereotypes will vanish, get past the hypocrites too with a sardonic grin. You have been better, in most cases the best, holding our hands and keeping us happy. You can cry, or be ecstatic in joy. You can share or express your agony and everything that hurts. You as well deserve the pampering and surprises and a breath of fresh air too. You have been supportive, so why not seek some? Be human first, we care to be fair, equal. Happy International Men's day! #internationalmensday #weunderstand #celebratemen #men #trendogue #roposolove #indianblogger