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Celfiè💋 Do all you women take a Selfie every time you go out? I do. 💁 For you beauties, Mostly I love your selfies because I love seeing you feel good about yourself. I love how your face glows when you look like a million bucks and you know it. I love when you celebrate yourself. You deserve to be celebrated. You’re what makes those pictures special. Selfies are a way of saying, “I love myself, and I will fight anyone who tries to change that fact.” Selfies are not a question. They’re not asking “Do you think I’m pretty?” Selfies are a statement: I am here. I see you. I love you. You matter. 💗💗💗 #ThoughtOfTheDay #Potd #Fashion #Blogger #FashionBlogger #IndianBlogger #Delhi #Shimla SoRoposo #FeelTheLove #GlamorousSelfie #Carfie #TheChicQuotient