5 Trendy Smart Watches for Every Occasion | Online Shopping up on Blog. Read here: @myntra #myntra #onlineshopping #smartwatch #smartwatches #eow #onlineshop #watches . . . These days when I have my smartphone (i.e. an iPhone) in my hand almost all the time, wearing a separate watch just to know what the time is not really my thing, but Smart Watches have changed the way few people think including myself. They are not just time telling machines, but a whole lot more. . . They carry our little world inside the tiny wrist band and a screen just as any smartphone. Do you agree with me on this? (then please write YES! in the comments, so I know it’s not just me thinking like that 😛 ) . . You have to agree with me that there are only a few Smart Watches that are worth your money. Also, finding the one that’s just for you right here is not so easy these days when Online Shopping offers so many options, wide range to choose from on such affordable and discounted prices. . . I love shopping online whether it’s for myself; my siblings; my parents or my friends. I shop 90% of my stuff online because of the convenience that it provides me while I don’t get enough time to go out and shop in a mall or other stores out there in market.