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: This one's from Winters(Mommy Bloggers' Meet), long over I know. I actually have so much content for you guys should I stop procrastinating(I have pics from last Summers except that you won't know if it wasn't for the mermaid hair. Oh, I just gave it away). Most excited about the shoots(2 personal - 11 years of marriage & 3 professional) from my trip past month. You guys know(from Insta Stories) I attended the Bobbi Brown Workshop at the India Makeup Show, Delhi. Thereon headed straight to Vrindavan, back Delhi and Nagpur. Shot in sweltering heat, I can feel the sun feeding on my soul as I write this but boy the pictures are soooo lit🌞. You'll see them real soon. Can I pat myself on the back? Fashion Blogging, attending back to back events(we have another this Monday) whilst Mommying is hard work and that with no stylist, makeup/hair artist. Enough of what goes behind. Gratitude is all I'd want to believe! The next post is from the Vrindavan series, bonus that it's a Giveaway. Love showering you guys as is and when the sponsors are kind enough, everyone's a winner, right?! #roposo