Introducing the newly launched Sheet mask from @oh_ind . . Organic Harvest has some really good and customer centric products, that will provide you the goodness of natutal without any harmful chemicals. . . Sheet Masks:- 1. Shine and Glow - Figs & gold dust. 2. Skin brightening - Wild rose . . Quantity and Price - 1. Sheet mask for Rs.99 . Impressions - 1. I have used the wild rose variant till now i truely loved it. 2. As soon as you apply the mask on your face, you will feel so cooling and refreshing.It did brigthen my face for a period. I would reccommed to add it in your daily skincare routine for best results. 3. There is a very mild and natural fragnance of wild rose in the mask. 4. One thing i noticed in this mask is that the serum is not sticky at all unlike other sheet mask available in market. 5. The quantity of the serum is good on the sheet mask, but at the same time there isnt extra serum in the packet. 6. Overall i really liked this product and would definately reccommed you to try them. . . #adorablewe #organicharvest #adorablewexorganicharvest #ohindia #sheetmask #wildrosesheetmask #skinbrightening #skunglow #beauty #skincare #glowingface #skincare #diy #sheetmask #kbeauty #jusztxde