FITNESS ABHIYAN 2019. TIP No 18 RIGHT BREAKFAST. I call it the POWER MEAL of the day. To kick start our day we need energy. Breakfast Kick starts your metabolism. It also helps you work efficiently. According to me, the right breakfast is having breakfast. And not to avoid it. I will go to an extent saying if you want to indulge, this is the time and meal to indulge. Because you are bound to burn these calories during your entire day. Please do not follow the TRENDING DIETS (low cal. Keto. Atkins. Only vegetables. Only fruits. Only Milk products) Stay away from them. They might give you a temporary benefit but it is not possible to sustain these diets for a long time. First thing when you wake up before brushing have at least 2 glasses (500ml) of water. Water fires up your metabolism. It flushes toxins gives your brain fuel and also make you eat less. There are various breakfast combinations. The right one is the right mix of 1. Carbohydrates (brown bread, cereals, muesli, idli, poha) 2. Proteins (eggs. yoghurt, Sprouts, lentils, soya, tofu) 3. Fat. (Dry fruits, cheese, low-calorie butter and milk products) 4. Fibres (fruits). The Indian breakfast is a good breakfast. Just keep adding any of the above to it to make it really work. As I have been mentioning unless and until you are a professional athlete. We do not need extra proteins and supplements. Just eat the right mix a make sure don’t miss your BREAKFAST. LET 2019 be your FITTEST YEAR ever. Abhimanyu Sable Training Since -1991 Certified Fitness Professional- American College of Sports Medicine. #fitnessabhiyan19 #ItsNotGymItsLife #newyearresolution #fit2019 #absolutelyalive #committomove