Hello family 💞 . . Today's review about DEBON HERBALS PROTEIN SHAMPOO & DEBON HERBALS HAIR CONDITIONER ✌🏻 Give your hair ultimate nourishment and care with Debon Herbals Protein Shampoo 🥚. This shampoo invigorates the protein (Keratin) of the hair and ensures it gets enough of strength to stop the hair fall. Egg Protein in it makes hair follicles stronger stimulating hair growth and prevents hair loss. Prepared by adding soluble proteins, it also gives smoothness and gloss to your hair. Enriched with Wheat Protein and Egg Protein Strengthens the hair keeping it smooth and glossy Controls hair fall and stimulates hair growth Ingredients - Wheat Protein, Egg Protein. Price - 220/- Debon Herbals Hair Conditioner is specially formulated with Aloe Vera extract, Geranium oil, and Lemon oil. It is a reconstructive conditioner that fortifies and nourishes tired, dull hair. It is designed with a unique moisturizing complex that quickly penetrates your hair to keep your hair away from damage. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Geranium, and Lemon oil benefits Fortifies the tired, dull hair keeping it nourished Deeply moisturizes the hair protecting it from damage •Reinvigorates hair follicles, supports healthy scalp, nourishes hair, protects from UV rays. Moisturizing formula helps prevent breakage and stop frizz Ingredients - Aloe Vera extract, Geranium oil, Lemon oil. Price - 210/- ✓ I like the way it feels in my hair, plus I like that it’s not full of chemicals. I wanted something more natural to be gentle on my scalp and my hair without so much chemicals. This shampoo & conditioner lathers quiet well without any issues. It really cleanses my hair well, and I found this to be the most affordable and the best herbal shampoo & conditioner in the market.please keep in mind you need proper diet as well with this to actually see results. I hope you found my review helpful. THANKS EVERYONE 💞 #review #lifestyleblogger #be-fashionable #woman-fashion #beautiful-life #natural-hair #haircaretips #ropo-good #roposo-pic #roposopost