Here’s Why Made To Measure Suits Always Trump Readymade Ones God works in mysterious ways, which is perhaps why he has created each one of us a little differently. Whether you look at a mother and daughter or even two brothers, you will notice a lot of things that are similar, but the chances of them being identical are minimal. As a matter of fact, even identical twins will have something that is a little different from each other. So, when it comes to clothes, there is no way that the same type of clothes will fit everyone – each body is created a little differently from the others. There was once a time, when everyone wore only made to measure suits – you would go to your local cloth merchant and choose a fabric that you liked, then you would head to your local tailor and tell them what you wanted. They would have a limited number of designs and you would choose one from them and after perhaps several visits to the tailor, you would finally get your outfit. Chances were that there would be at least some other people who would be wearing suits that would be pretty much the same, but just in a different colour or print. Even today, with mass produced clothes that are sold in most retail stores, you might cross someone, who is wearing exactly what you are wearing! However, what made these types of suits ordinary was the fact that there was no precise fitting as well as no diversity in designs. So no matter how exotic the fabric that you had sourced, the end result would often be quite ordinary. That is when the fashion conscious ladies started hunting for better tailors and wanted something more from their custom made suits. Fortunately, with the onset of the online world, things started becoming a lot better and now international fashion trends were available to people in all corners of the world. Heading the online fashion revolution is IndiaEmporium – home to some of the best national and international trends; if you have seen it on a fashion channel or magazine, chances are that you will find it here. While there are those who will say that this is yet another fashion portal, where you can find all the latest kurtas, kurtis and tops, IndiaEmporium goes way beyond, because this is one of the only websites, where you can not only find the latest trends, but also get clothes designed as per your specific requirements. When you are looking for custom tailored suits online, you need to come directly to IndiaEmporium, because this is where you will find everything you need for the best suit – from the perfect fabrics to designers who understand fashion and what works with which body type. No matter what kind of design you want and no matter what type of embroidery work you want done it, it will all be possible at IndiaEmporium. Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing to get your suit customised at IndiaEmporium is the fact that you can actually get your vision brought to life. If you have something in your imagination, the team at IndiaEmporium will be able to create it in reality – all you have to do is have a detailed chat with the design team and make them see your vision. Whether you have a colour in mind or something you saw in a magazine caught your attention, the team at IndiaEmporium will be able to bring it life. At IndiaEmporium, we offer you the widest range of ready to stitch and semi-stitched suits and with these in hand, you have all the opportunity in the world to create an outfit that is not only stunning, but also completely unique. With our team of expert designers and tailors, you can have a salwar suit or an anarkali, a short kurta with a sharara or something that you have conjured up in your own mind. You can have access to the widest plethora of custom suits online, only at IndiaEmporium! When you first chat with our team, they will ask you a range of questions, each of which will allow them to guide you better. For instance, they will first and foremost ask you if you have already chosen a fabric or material from the vast collection offered at IndiaEmporium – if you have, then they will help you choose the perfect design for it. In case you are yet to choose the right fabric for yourself, our team will be more than ready to help you out. After understanding what type of look you are after and what the occasion is, they will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect outfit. In order to ensure that you choose the best option, our team will also ask you details such as what time of year or where in the world the occasion might be, where you intend to wear this outfit. While these questions might sound odd, there is actually a logic behind every question being asked – the time of the year will help determine the climatic conditions as will the geographical location. With this information, our team will advice you on the type of fabrics you should opt and what colours will work best. Once your material has been chosen, our team will ask you to fill in a form which will have your measurements and based on your body type as well as the occasion, our team will offer you a range of stitching options, right from the simple salwar suit to the more elaborate anarkalis. And because our team will have your exact measurements with them, they will be able to make sure that your custom made suits are truly customised. This means that if you have a particular type of sleeve in mind or want some work done on the back, we can get it done for you. Even if you want some additional embroidery or work done on your suits, we can get it done, because we have access to some of the finest Every step of the way, we will keep you posted, because we will send pictures of your outfit is shaping up. And once your outfit is ready, we will pack it carefully and ship it to your address, no matter where it is! For us, our triumph lies in the happiness and sheer joy that our customers show when they get suits that they have chosen and it has been customised to their exact requirements. And when the outfit fits them perfectly, it is a feeling of absolute satisfaction. So, if you are looking for a suit that has been customised just for you, come to IndiaEmporium! #indiaemporium