Hey to all foodaholics 🍫 Doesn’t it happen so many times when we feel hungry but we can’t find something relishing and healthy, both at once? It happens to me a lot..I either gorge on junk food or just don’t eat at all due to a hectic schedule. Because my college starts way early, I don’t even get time to pack a healthy lunch so I have no choice but to eat at canteen or outside which makes me vulnerable to contaminated food. As a result, this unwholesome habit took a toll on my health several times. A few days ago, I came across ASAP snack bars which promise to deliver deliciousness with a dose of energy. Let’s move on to my experience now!I received two box with three different flavors. Almond & Dark Chocolate Ingredients: Rolled Oats, Dark chocolate (19%), Almond (16%), Rice crispies, Honey, Brown Sugar, Butter, Liquid Glucose, Milk powder, Edible Gum, Contains Added Natural Flavor. Fruit & White Chocolate Ingredients: Rolled Oats, White chocolate (19%), Rice crispies, Honey, Brown Sugar, Strawberry (8%), Raisins (8%), Butter, Liquid Glucose, Milk powder, Edible Gum, Contains Added Natural Flavor. Cashew Almond & Caramel Ingredients: Rolled Oats, Caramel (19%), Rice crispies, Honey, Brown Sugar, Cream, Almond (8%), Cashew (8%), Butter, Liquid Glucose, Peanut Butter, Milk powder, Edible Gum, Contains Added Natural Flavor. Price: This box of assorted cereal bars costs INR 180/- and each bar is priced at INR 30/- Best Before 6 months from Packing. What makes ASAP special? 100% vegetation Suitable for anyone Provides instant energy One bar is enough when you are hungry. Powerful ingredients that contain antioxidants High in Fibre High in Protein Made of 100% Natural Ingredients No added colour No Chemical Preservatives Perfect & Healthy Snacking energy My Take On ASAP Nutrition Bars : The ASAP Nutrition Bars come packed in a cocoa colored cardboard box holding six bars each! The bars are packed just like the cardboard box with different colors representing different flavors. The ingredient list is just as simple as their name.Overall, I have liked the ASAP nutrition bars. I liked their taste, their nutrition facts, and their unique flavors.The dark chocolate with almond ❤ The perfect Pick-Me-Up for my mind & body. Bits of sweet tangy berries on a bed of smooth white chocolate & The crisp blast of sunshine for your dark busy days… So, do grab your pack of nutrition bar from amazon, and guys it’s really affordable. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 That was about ASAP Nutrition Bars, and I hope that you liked the review. Have tried these nutrition bars already? Then do let me knouw in the comment section below. Lots Of Love Guys Lifestyle Annu ❤ #reviewblogger #chochocookie_ #chocolates #bloggerstyle #products #shootday #brand #fashion-blogger #reviewbloggers #punefashion #lifestylebloggerindia #roposo-style #roposo-fashiondiaries #liked #followforfollow #lifestyleannu #modelings #natural-hair #curlyhair #photoshoot #roposo-mood #self-love #fitness #fitnessgoals