Hi I am @chochocookie_ a product reviewer and influencer. Do follow me in Instagram @chochocookie_ subscribe for free to my blog post link in the bio. Today I will be sharing my take on a trial squad product. Thank you @glamradaofficial for sending me this second product from @debellecosmetix Skin Moisture, the Blueberry Burst variant. 💫 My take 😇 💫 It lasted me for around 2 weeks. Yes am posting this review after using the product 😬 💫 Price Rs 225/- for a 80 ml tube 😰 💫 Says apply daily all over body immediately after bath for best results 😨 💫 80 ml tube will last for how many days if applied all over body 🤔 💫 Fragrance - Not too strong. Just perfect 👍 💫 Consistency - Pretty thick 😑 💫 Packaging - Good quality plastic white tube with a turn around grey cap👍 💫 Lasting - I applied only on my arms (half) and it lasted for couple of hours. Had to reapply as during winters my skin gets excessively dry. And my palm is always dry irrespective of the season. Specially on days when on floor, the centrally air conditioned floor eats up on the natural skin moisture content. 😠 💫 Will I recommend it to others - Once again if budget is not a constraint for you please do go ahead 👍 💫 Will I buy it again - Sorry 🙏 💫 Availability - Check out their Instagram page and website. Always available ( this makes me think and wonder about their stock movement 🤔) Sale is on. They have many variants, pick up the one that suites you best. 👍 💫 Rating - 3/5 sorry guys, I can't lie 😑 💫 Full review in @glamradaofficial and my blog post soon . 🔁 in the bio 👍 #productreviewer #productreview #products #skincare #trialsquad #glamradaofficial #reviewportal #bbloggerindia #bbloggger #brand #community #debellacosmetix #igersindia #roposoblogger #roposolove #like4like #likeforcomments #honestreviews #lifestyleblog #influencer #weareinfluencers #vero #cosplay #chochocookie_ Email for for collaboration.