It’s strange how we hesitate to use products used by others but when it comes to public toilet we don't think twice. We often forget about hygiene and the infections that are caused and spread by shared toilets. So today in this post i am going to discuss about a product that has changed my way of using public toilets whether i am in a mall, college , train, restaurants or any other place this product is always in my handbag. PEESAFE Protects us from 99.9% against germs, sanitizes, cleanses without any harmful chemicals or residues. Consists of IPA formula which starts action within 5 seconds of application Ensures complete hygiene protection. Its has a very refreshing fragrance and thus removes foul odour. Small handy and easy to carry any where. @peesafe 📸- @shayansphotography #peesafe #peesafeindia #styleetvogue #hygiene