🌿#minireview  The Nature’s Co Hibiscus Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser For #allhairtypes. It belongs to Foressence range of #thenaturesco 🌿 #productreview #naturalbeautyandmakeup . .  💰Price & quantity:INR 995 for 250 ml . . 🍀 The Nature’s Co Hibiscus antidandruff #hair #shampoo comes in a long square shaped, transparent plastic bottle with a firm flip top cap. The colour of this hair cleanser is pale red (resembling Hibiscus flower) and has runny consistency with a smooth gel texture. It has a pleasant floral fragrance that stays for few hours post each hair wash. . . ➕ Plus Points: . 🍀#allnatural . 🍀#nochemicals . 🍀A little amount is all you need unless hair is oiled! . 🍀Reduces #dandruff to an extent but not permanently . 🍀Cleanses hair very well and leaves it refreshed . 🍀Adds volume .  🍀Pleasant fragrance . 🍀Product lasts long . 🍀Forms decent lather . 🍀Keeps oiliness at bay for at least 2 days . 🍀Perfect for normal to oilly hair types . 🍀No scalp irritation/itching . 🍀Available at the stores and online . . Minus Points ➖ :  .   🍀Expensive but lasts more than 5 months! . 🍀To combat dandruff you cannot skip this #hairshampoo, else dandruff will hit again! . 🍀A conditioner is necessary to make hair smooth and frizz-free (if you have dull and damaged dryhair) . 🍀Not for all hair types especially dry! . . ✔NBAM Rating : 4.2/5 . . We all are well aware of the fact that anti-dandruff shampoos are generally a bit harsh in nature but I had huge expectation from this shampoo which is infused with all the natural goodness of hibiscus, aloe vera, pro vitamin B5 and apple cider vinegar  It is true to its claim of leaving #scalp dandruff-free, however, as I said, this doesn’t cure it completely!! If you have oily to normal hair with mild dandruff issues then go for this hair cleanser without a doubt! . . . . #haircare #hongkongblogger   #indianblogger #beautyblogger_de #reviewer #crueltyfreebeauty #veganbeauty #naturalproducts #hairproblems #cleanbeauty #haircareproducts