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No Tides Lying on the shore of a quiet beach, soaking the warm sun in a fantastic swimwear, with high waves humming a tune, that call you out now and then to feel the water and sand run through your feet. Quite a holiday picture, isn’t it? And such a picture my mind painted when I received this Pretty Peplum Swimwear from Pretty Since it was the first time for a Swimwear shoot, the feeling of worry and anticipation is something I dealt with till we finished shooting it a few days ago. I had quite a few vague pictures as to how the look and the location could be, but we decided to go ahead with a Not-So-Predictable-Yet-Connected-With-The-Outfit location and this Ancient Fort with a Water Reservoir right in the centre of the premises seemed to be a prefect fit. Keeping the non-beachy location in mind, I decided to add a playful touch to the look with these White Sneakers. The undying love for layers made me add this oversized shirt which stood quite well against the soft floral print of the Swimwear and the rustic feel of this old fort. Apart from the regular messy buns and open hair, I have been trying to explore with different hairdos and style my hair in different fun ways. Nothing but the fun and carefree plaits came into my mind to match this look. Added flowers as an hair adornment which quenched my long held desire of doing so. And because it’s been a while I did a music post, here is a list of Tracks that I have been listening to over and over again. 1. You Know You Like It (Wilfred Giroux Remix) : AlunaGeorge 2. Sunday Crunk (Mehfuj Remix) : Ivy Lab 3. Want My Love (Feat. Elisabeth Troy) : Metrik 4. Dun Watch It : Dub Motion 5. We Are We All Need (Praveen Achary Remix) : Above and Beyond (Feat. Zoë Johnston) 6. Last : Cyril Hahn (Feat. Joel Ford) 7. Version : Logistics 8. Dangerous : David Guetta (Feat. Sam Martin) 9. Breathe : Télépopmusik 10. Don’t Need You : Dextrine 11. We Are Not Humans : June Miller (Feat. Hannah Lux) - Feat. Pretty Secrets : White Ditsy Floral Peplum Swimdress - Shirt : Jack & Jones - Sneakers : Bata - Glasses : Commercial Street Team : Photography and Post Production : thatPhotographerwithHeadphones Management : Praveen Achary and Sunil Yellapa #fashion #awesome #stylish #trendy #keepitstylish #bestbuy #blogger #fashioninspiration #fashiontips #styletips #fashion