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Recently I started writing down all my childhood fantasies which I ever thought I will do someday. And, Snow skiing was one of them. I didn't want to it for the sake of formality like most of the travelers do, I really wanted to learn it as skill, hence, I contacted a school for one on one training. and It wasn't about one of the wish list item. it was more on to test my physical capabilities to take challenges, I wanted to answer myself whether I can take such challenges or not.  On the last day of my training and practice on 2.5 km downhill track from the Gondola to Gulmarg, I was in constant fear of getting fall but adrenaline rush inside my body let me keep trying again and again and hence I was able to do 5 rounds of the track. Some of the facts are hidden inside in the above video like in initial first two round I have fallen downward/side in almost all possible ways like flying kick, hitting head into the snow, flip and what not. Overall, It was a wonderful experience and worth giving it a try. At the end of the, I felt confident that now I have one more skill. @traversland I hope you are as excited as me for the next year.  #snowskiing #skiing #adventure #youonlyliveonce #snow #mountains #snowfall #kashmir #beautifulkashmir #wintersport #gulmarg #travel #travelnorth #backpackers #snowsports #snowart #natureandart #nature #beautifulsnow #travelindia  #livingmydreams #wishlist #learnskiing @kashmirdiaries123 @kashmirdiaries @travelindia