Recently you have all been seeing that I’m traveling from one place to another and these products have kept me safe and my travel life super clean. . Toilest Seat Sanitizer- Public washrooms that appear to be shining like a crystal are not really that clean. ‘O’ Toilet Seat Sanitizer is always there in my purse as it comes handy everyday. . Hand Sanitizer - It is a a super quick way to clean my hands without water while traveling from one place to another. It has a cooling sensation and I love the feel it gives me during this hot summer season. . Mouth Freshners - I received 3 varients like Meswak, Peppermint and Paan. These flavours are not my cup of tea after I used them once. I would prefer having a chewing gum any time! But I have a friend who loves this varients and has been using them quite frequently. . Overall, the products are handy and easy to use. And most importantly, it keeps me safe and healthy. . #UTI #ToiletSeatSanitizer #HandSanitizer #MouthFreshners #Healthy #Hygienic #PublicHygiene #TropicalBreeze #Peppermint #Meswak #Paan #ImportanceOfHygiene #GermsFreeHands #LifestyleBlogger #TheJessicaPancholi #VadodaraBlogger #SuratBlogger