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Repost via Kindness Unlimited ā€œI never thought I would be an artist, let alone one selling on the global Tele Brands network. It started as a random act of kindness. I was working in digital media as a copywriter when the terrorist attack on Paris happened. I had been doodling since I was a child as a form of release; it was a stress buster for me, a therapist I had been seeing had recommended it to me. I had never thought I would be a commercial artist because there are innumerable ones in India, better than me. I made spiritual and animal figures and shared them randomly on social media and online forums, I did get enquiries but I never imagined that I could have a career out of it. It was not an ambitious, competitive strategy to break into the scene, I just explored self-expression through my art and gave it away freely in the beginning, on social media, to friends as gifts, special festival themed art on festivals and so on, on most occasions it was a payback for a good act or kindness I had received from someone. I created an artwork for a French friend following the Paris terrorist attacks (2015) that was printed on shirts and worn at the rallies following the incident...ā€ Read More: