Simply how much do you know concerning Cosmetic Surgery? 1 ) Correct or False: Breast enlargement was the most requested reconstructive surgery in 2016. Answer: True! According to a new recent report board-certified plastic surgeons reported an overall total regarding 290, 467 procedures in 2016. A close next was liposuction, and 3 rd was nose reshaping. 2 . not True or False: Chest implants increase your danger of getting breast tumor. Answer: False. The Start of Medicine (IOM) discovered evidence that breast implants do not cause breast cancer or the recurrence of breast cancer. Yet , it is still essential to undertake routine screening for cancer of the breast — breast self-exams, mammograms and clinical breast tests — just as an individual would in the event you didn’t have got breast implants. 3. Correct or False: In 2016, Americans spent 30 billion dollars on cosmetic plastic-type surgery and minimally-invasive methods. Answer: False! It’s “only” $16 billion! 5. Correct or False: The most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure last year was crease treatment injections. Answer: Real! There were 7 million procedures in 2016. The other most requested was hyaluronic acid fillers at a new distant 2 million processes. Other popular procedures had been chemical peels, microdermabrasion and cosmetic laser treatments. 5. True or perhaps False: Reconstructive surgery with regard to men is on typically the rise. Answer: True! Just like many women, a growing number of men wish to feel comfortable in their own own skin, confident within all life’s conditions in addition to are finding plastic surgery as a good option. · Male breast reductions (26, 175 procedures in 2014 – increased 29 pct since 2000) · Pectoral implants (1, 054 procedures – increased 208 % from 2013 to 2014) 6. True or Bogus: Non-surgical rejuvenation treatments can achieve the same results as surgical procedure. Solution: False – Non operative treatments can help postpone the time at which often a facelift becomes correct and complement the outcomes of surgery. If you are considering plastic surgery you can visit plastic surgery hospital in jaipur and make your effort memorable.