*Take care of your health this summer*. *Hot & cold foods*: Watermelons- cold Apples- cold Chikoo-cold Orange- hot Mango- hot Lemon- cold Onion- cold Ginger, Garlic- hot Cucumbers- cold Potatoes- hot Spinach- cold Tomato- cold Karela- hot Cabbage- cold Carrot- cold Radish- cold Chillies- hot Corn- hot Methi- hot Kothmir, Pudina- cold Brinjal- hot Gavar(cluster beans)- hot Bhendi, Okra- cold Beet- cold Saunf(Fennel seeds)-cold Cardamom- cold Papaya- hot Pineapple-hot Pomegranate-cold Sugarcane juice- cold Coconut water- cold Honey- hot Panchamrit (curd,milk,ghee,honey, sugar)- cold Salt- cold Moong Dal- cold Toor Dal- hot Chana Dal- hot Jaggery- hot Sesame seeds- hot Peanut, Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Dates- hot Turmeric- hot Tea- hot Coffee- cold Paneer-hot Drumstick- cold Jowar- cold Bajra- hot, Nachani- hot Ice cream- hot Shrikhand, Mango Shrikechand- hot All refrigerator items- hot Refrigerator water-hot Water in earthen pot-cold Castor oil- very cold Tulsi - cold, Tulsi seeds- very cold Sabja seeds- very cold Raisin- cold Bread, Khari, biscuits- hot All hot drinks- hot All cold drinks- hot Meat,Chicken,Mutton-hot Eggs- hot, but white of boiled egg- cold In summer eating more naturally cold items will considerably lesson the summer heat in our body & keep us cool.