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🙋‍♀️Today for our review we have - UrbanBotanics100% Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil 😘 . . 🔎About the Product- This Almond oil isnourishing, hydrating and is extremely gentle on the skin, complementing a variety of uses for your aromatherapy, skincare and hair care routine. You can create your own do-it-yourself masks, scrubs and ointments with this versatile moisturizer and strengthen brittle nails and hair. . . . 🔎Price, Quantity and Availbility - Rs. 399 after discount for 200ml and available on Amazon. . . 🔎Features - 1. Made of 100% natural almond oil. 2. Promotes Hair growty. 3. Rejuvenates your skin. . . 👩‍🔬Benifits of Almond oil for Skin - 1. Flawless skin 2. Deep Cleanses Skin & Prevents Acne. 3. Reduces Dark Circles. 4. Treats Skin Rashes. 5. Reduces Signs of Ageing. . . 👩‍🔬Benifits of Almond oil for hair - 1. Promotes healthy scalp. 2. Treats split ends. 3. To enhance shine in hair. 4. Reduces hairfall. . . 😄Impression - 1. Its very affordable and easily available on amazon at a very good discount. 2. The bottle is very handy and easy to use. 3. This Almond oil is truely natural and has no added artificals ingredients in it. 4 I am using this Urban Botanics Almond oil in my Hair Mask, for lips and even for my skin. 5. You can definately give this one a try. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . . #adorablewe #urbanbotanics #almondoil #useofalmondoil #beautyhacks #amazonindia #beautyblogger #diy #flawlessskin #almondoilforhair #hairfall #hairgrowth #beautufulskin #hairrescue #beauty