Vita Carb Herb Multivitamin Supplements For Men - (Herbs) (14 Sachet, 25 Gram Each) Ayurvedic multivitamin supplement for men. Single medicine having 25 health benefits Calcium supplement for men and increases stamina very much by maintaining the hemoglobin level Abundant dietary fiber for normal digestion of food and excretion of waste feaces Controls knee pain, calf muscle pain, body pain. There is 0.01% side effect of this product Take 1-2 poutch with milk or mix it with milk at bed time. Red for men Here are some ayurvedic helth care products from the house of B D LIFESENSE #multivitaminsupplement #Ayurvedicmultivitamin #Calciumsupplement #herbalsupplements
Vita carb F(Herbs), 14 sachet vita carab f is a ayurvedic multivitamin which is made of ayurvedic herbs which r very rich in calcium,iron,magnese, is made of sesamum indicum,curculigo orchioides,piper nigrum,elettaria cardamomum,withania somnifera,asparagus racemosus. black sesamum is a very good dietry fiber as it is used unhaulled.curculigo orchioides is a very good herb rich in natural iron,natural calcium. Withania somnifera is a good nervine tonic.Asparagus racemosus is also known as shattavri( having 100 qualities). Vitacarb f helps incontrolling constipation,body pain,back pain,calf muscle normalises the sleep patterns and hormone levels of body. it detoxifies the liver of harmuful normalises the hormone levels of female body and helps in normalising the menstrual cycle. controls body pain during the periods time.helps in cervical pain.improves the quantity and quality of milk in lactating mothers. Here are some ayurvedic helth care products from the house of B D LIFESENSE #multivitaminsupplement #Ayurvedicmultivitamin #Calciumsupplement #herbalsupplements
B D LIFESENSE Asthicure Muscular pain relief oil and 60 capsule It Supports Health when someone have arthritis,gout,back pain,knee pain,ankle pain,sciatica pain.And Provides Relief From Stress Rich In Essential ayurvedic BOSWELLIA SERRATA which is helpful in osteoarthritis,joint function.CUCURMA LONGA,WHITANIA SOMNIFERA these r helpful inmaintaing bone health and nerves of our body ASTHICURE OIL is marvelous remedy for any type of body pain, knee pain,back pain,shoulder pain,ankle pain,MENSTRUAL PAIN apply and rub some water on lower abdomen and back for few minutes and than apply athicure oil on lower abdomen area,rub oil for 3-5 minutes and than cover u r body with cloth.see result in 10 minutes #herbaloil #massageoil #ayurvedicoil #painrelief #painkiller #painkillercapsule #Muscularpainoil #Asthicurepainkiller
B D LIFESENSE Asthicure/Osteoarthritis & Allied Ailments 60 Asthicure Capsules t Supports Healthy Mood And Provides Relief From Stress and body pain,for best results also use asthicure oil Rich In Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3, 6 And 9 Helps Maintain Overall Health,very helpful in maintain controls knee pain,back pain,shoulder pain,ankle pain,gout. Suitable for adults, children and pregnant women #Asthicure #painrelief #painkiller #painkillercapsule