Latest fashion trends in India.

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They’re luxurious, they’re expensive and they’re legendary. Women all over the world have been fawning over these bags for decades. Do you know them all?

The Slogan Tshirts have become like a weapon in order to make a statement without saying a word. Celebs have been sporting these everywhere and here are my Top 5 PICKS!

These designers not only have made their mark in India, but overseas as well! Have a look!

Are you a bag lover? Well which woman isn't? But if you don’t know your Buckets from your Baguettes, then this bag guide is just what you need!

As if men are not annoying enough, to make things all the more irritating, we have our 'aunties' ! How we wish we could see some change in our women first and then focus on the roadside goons! Hypocrisy to the core! Here's how 'aunties' in India annoy the hell out of young girls.